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A Rotterdam based streetwear brand, that’s going to take over the world with CREATIVITY and a splash of REBELLIOUSNESS! #Beyourownhero!

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I was gone for a while but i’m back now! Like Busta Rhymes said 20 times in a mixtape once: “Back on my bullsh*T!“. As a man, entrepreneneur and since august of this year (PROUD) daddy. You sometimes have to experience or at least try new things. Well … to make a long story short I’ve tried and it didn’t quite work out.  (Voice in the back of my mind: “You have failed muahahahah”).

NOOOOO!!! I have not! I have learned! I have new focus, new strategies and new chances to explore. It’s still We Mean C – Shaping Change!


P.S. Stay tuned new look for the website and clothing designs are coming!

Stress for sale!!

The holidays are just around the corner, we decided to share a bit of this holiday spirit with you.MadZed’s “Stress of a bastard” EP wil be available with a holiday discount. NO pasword, NO code needed… Just get it, down it and bump it during Christmas dinner so every friend, neighbour, familymember can hate it or love it!!!

Stress of a Bastard EP!!

It’s here for everybody’s ears to hear! A 8 track EP made with love, dedication boombap and soul. Special thanks goes out to his partner in grind Daryl Huwae from DR_Musicproductions.  Master molder of beats and fellow Madlibian A. Fejzic a.k.a MOzes. L. Ligeon a.k.a Cianobeats R.Blankendal a.k.a Mofina . (stay tuned more coming soon from the homies). The OG Winfried for the mixing/mastering and sharing his knowledge. Kevin and D.Grootfaam a.k.a Dinomite for the dope Artwork. Pibo thanks for the faith, inspiration and patiënce Obrigado 4 real, Jebadiznit, Marvelous, JohnJeff, Unknown, JimPop for the vibes and feedback.  SKENK !!!

Enjoy it,Love it or hate it …. it’s here “Stress of a bastard”