What have we learned!

It’s been a while since I have posted something or even wrote a blog on the website.
the reason activities has been kinda a low is because my life has changed a lot the past two years. I have learned that you can have a plan, but your daily actions, mentallities and behaviours have a lot of influence on the plan that you have mapped out for yourself.  Me being my stubborn  self I’ve found out the hard way and denied this for a long time, resulting in more difficulties and struggles. It was like one of those special Indiana Jones type knots. “the more you struggle the tighter it gets mate”.

So with this new knowledge and more  experience I have decided to stop with We mean C in its current form. This means the production and sale of all products will end immediately.
I’ve been blessed with a lot of new opportunities and more importantly, new life and people in my life, so the plan had to be updated and a new focus has emerged.

So what now?

  • We mean C will still exist as a company, but the platform and website will disapear.
  • I love being a dad and a role model so on the latter I’am taking my time in developing my talents, strengths and facing or (coexisting with my demons).
  • I’m still creating my own job, but in a different branch (stay tuned).


I am so thankful for the Creator, divine architect, universe, Mother God for granting me and my creative partners, all of the lessons in the many successes and failures during this journey. To everyone who bought a product, showed up, invested time or money and believing in me…. I LOVE YOU! Your energy will not go to waste, believe me when I tell you this… THIS IS NOT ME GIVING UP, it’s me growing up made possible with all of that energy you all have invested in me over the years.


We mean C salute,

Yours truly,